14 Secrets to Clean Home Regularly [Infographic]

We all know that cleaning is a daunting task. There are lots of other things we have to do or need to do everyday and it's very difficult to find a time to clean the home regularly. On the other-hand, a messy house creates lots of problem like as a messy home is enough to increase your stress level.


At the same time, due to a dirty home it's quite impossible to focus on any task in home. It's also difficult to find necessary things when you need them. You can feel overwhelmed and guilty due to your clutter home.

Moreover, if you have kids, it will multiply the challenge. A dirty home is the main source of all allergy related diseases. So, due to your dirty, you as well as your kids may suffer from various diseases.

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Yes, it's true that we can't keep all of our things organized in our home. But, your proper planning and supervision of your family members, you can overcome this messy problem quite easily. Most importantly, a clean home is very important for you and your family if you want to complete all of your jobs on a timely manner.

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A clean home can increase your quality of life. So, we have researched and created an in-depth infographic to describe 14 secrets to clean your home on a daily basis. Consider the following reasons to remove stress from your life.

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Vijee Djega - May 13, 2017

My house is typically very clean even though I have kids, dogs, and my SO & I both work outside the home. We don’t hire it out, we clean it ourselves.

One of the elements to success not mentioned here is design. Not just in terms of smart storage, but in choice of surfaces.

When we renovated our kitchen, my husband and I deliberately selected surfaces (counters, floors, appliances) that would show less dirt. (Medium toned patterned floor camouflages dirt, faux stainless fridge & dishwasher are easy to wipe clean, our counter is a soapstone gray). Our living room carpet and sofa match our dog’s fur. Our house is smallish, so there is less space to clean. All help camouflage dirt and support the appearance of cleaner space.


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