20 Super Simple Evergreen Ways To Clean House (Fast!)


So you’re expecting guests in an hour, but your house is in a total mess? Or you've been postponing those chores for some time, and you want to get the job done today and today?

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If the above description sounds familiar, this is your post. And this time, you’re not going to clean your home the way you’ve been doing it before. You could have been doing it the wrong way, the hard way, and the entire day.

But after we’re through with this post, you’ll learn tips and tricks that will help you clean your house faster (in less than an hour at least) and effortlessly.

Let’s do this…

#1 De-Grease Your Kitchen Cabinets


Just add some dish soap in a spray bottle containing warm water. Spray this solution all over your kitchen cabinets. Finally, rinse them with a well-wrung fabric and dry. Your cabinets will look as clean as new!

#2 Cleaning Windows In Cloudy Weather


Wait for those overcast days and start the process on the shady part of your house. This is useful because the direct sun is notorious for drying up your cleanser before you can wipe it off- leaving streaks behind. As for dusting, do it on a sunny day when the particles are highly visible.

#3 Combat Pet Stink


Sprinkle baking soda to deodorize all the soft, cushy areas in your home (including the dog bed). Allow it to settle for around 15 minutes before vacuuming it thoroughly.

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NOTE: We highly advise you against using some perfumes to get rid of pet odors. Although they might be safe for humans, they might not be good for your pets. Just stick to the tried and tested baking soda remedy above.

#4 Sanitize Your Sink


Sanitize your sink using some white vinegar. This will fizz and make some noise. Allow it to work for a few minutes, then follow it up with hydrogen peroxide.

#5 Pick The Right Broom


While the inside floors require finer bristles which efficiently pick up smaller dust particles, the outside areas need stiffer bristles- suitable for the larger and porous grounds. So make sure you've got the right broom depending on the area you intend to clean.

#6 Disinfect Your Sponge


Start by squeezing out all the water in the sponge. Next, toss it in your microwave for around 60 seconds every night. This effectively kills all the germs that might make your family sick.

#7 Remove Stains From Your Cutting Board


Simply run the cut side of a lemon over your board to remove all the food stains (plus smells). be sure to scour the entire surface as you squeeze the lemon to release its juices as you go.

#8 If Your Shower Liner Gets Grubby


Toss it in your wash alongside a few towels. These will help scrub it clean! Because your shower will keep getting grubby every now and then due to frequent contact with water, make sure you conduct this simple exercise regularly.

#9 Deep Clean Your Drawer


In the case of a closet, you just need to toss all the clothes you haven’t worn for long. For kitchen drawers, simply suck up the dust, debris using your vacuum’s nozzle.

#10 Shine Silver in Seconds


If you notice any of your silverware looking dull, wet it and rub it with some toothpaste. Then rinse and dry it with a clean fabric. You won't believe how it regains its glory so easily!

#11 De-Grime Patio Furniture


Put a little amount of our dishwasher detergent in a bowl containing warm water. Use this to wipe down your outdoor chairs and tables and then rinse clean with the help of your garden hose.

#12 Nix Furniture Nicks


Got a scratch on your wooden furniture? No need to worry. You just need to rub it with walnut- with shell removed- to mask this damage.

#13 Shine Copper Using Ketchup


Yes, just a little amount of ketchup- the French fry sidekick- will make your copper pot gleam like its new. juts pour a dab of this substance on a clean cloth and use it to rub on your copper pots. Then rinse with some warm water and dry as you normally do.

#14 Overload Your Dishwasher


(Not with the dishes only) but with other items as well. Don’t underestimate your dishwasher’s ability to get things done faster and efficiently. It can handle unusual objects such as glass light fixture gloves, toothbrush holders, plastic toys, and so much more. All you need to do is select the gentle cycle and skip heated dry option.

#15 Clear Slow Drain


If you notice a clog in your drain, put half a cup of baking soda followed by half a cup of vinegar. Cover it up with a wet cloth for about 5 minutes. Finally, flush with hot water.

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If you notice a clog in your drain, put half a cup of baking soda followed by half a cup of vinegar. Cover it up with a wet cloth for about 5 minutes. Finally, flush with hot water.

#16 Get Rid of Pet Hair


Eliminating fur has never been this simple! Grab your rubber gloves, dampen them, and collect all the fur in your house using your canister vac. From there, you can easily pick it up for proper disposal.

#17 Remove Hard water Stains


Hard water stains are a nuisance in many homes. Even worse, they prove hard to remove. But here's a simple, cheap way to do it: Apply a teaspoon of lemon oil will help keep off hard water deposits of any kind.

#18 Removing Wall Doodles


When your kid’s artistic efforts are all over your walls, don't stress yourself over what to do. Tale a damp sponge, sprinkle it wit some baking soda and use it to lightly scrub the wall.

#19 De-funk Combs and Hairbrushes


Nobody fancies a comb or hairbrush filled with build-ups from various hair brushes. After all, you want to use a clean comb to do your hair. A sudsy solution comprising a few drops of soap water plus warm water will work out the trick.

#20 Double Up On Your Doormats


If you use two doormats- one outside your door and the other inside- you can trap most of the dirt. But if the mats are dirty, they won’t carry out the task. So hose off, and air dry them. Vacuum the indoor mat on both sides such that it can efficiently push the trapped dirt onto the floor where you can quickly pick it up.