7 Pro Tips to Make Your Home More Minimalist Luxe on a Tight Budget


One of the practical ways to save money today is by having a house with just the right floor space for everyone living in it. It wouldn’t be practical to have a 2-store, 1,600 sq. house with just to have one person living in it, right?

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This is why there has been an emergence of minimalist houses and tiny houses that can give you just enough space to live, move around, and store their belongings. Living in a house with a small space can give you many benefits, according to Professor Brandon Irwin of the Kansas State University.

One is the health benefit of having natural lighting and fresh air ventilation in your house. This also gives a big impact on lowering your electricity bills. Another benefit would be having a better sense of community since having a smaller space would more likely encourage you to take a walk outside or attend social events in the area.


It is also easier to clean small houses. You do not want your house to be infested with pests or be looking at dirty floors in your small house since they can be a bigger focus with only a limited space. This will also make it easier for you to find your things inside the house.

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Aside from constantly cleaning your small house, another way to make it a cozy space to live in despite its size is through these redesigning hacks. Try them to make the most out of your minimalist home design without sacrificing beautiful aesthetics.

Re-purpose Your Guest Room


If you have an extra room in the house that serves as a guest room, you can turn it into your home office if you’re not hosting guests all the time and also. Since having your home office in your bedroom will not increase your productivity.

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What to avoid is turning empty rooms into storage areas. This would be a big waste because you’re living in a small space and maximizing every corner is a must.

Mirror To Create Bigger Spaces


Adding mirrors to one of your walls will create the illusion of a bigger house and also save you time to check how you look before you leave the house.

There are numerous approaches to how this can be done. You can opt for modern lines with clean mirrors or get ones that have a vintage look if that’s the overall aesthetic of your house. You can also scout for mirrors at your local hardware store and install it yourself. Just remember to invest on the adhesive you will use.

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You can also get one floor-length mirror that you can use as a focal point in the house. Place the mirror across a window so you can spread more natural light in the house.

Invest On Furniture


There are many furniture in the market right now that can serve multiple purposes such as sofas that can be converted to beds or block chairs that double as storage pieces. Please note that they are not as cheap as regular furniture but are investments that can serve you for a long time since they are multi functional.

Vertical Storage Solutions


Whether it’s storing books, mail or spices, using vertical storage solutions can save you a lot of space. This will also help you find what you need on a daily basis instead of keeping everything in drawers.

You can get crafty with this by using paint or decorative paper to design PVC tubes, Pringles canisters or even cereal boxes on your home improvement project before you hang them on your walls. You can also go to the dollar store to pick up plastic containers to save time. Drill a hole in them so you can hook them to the walls.

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You can also get creative with how you design your shelves. If you’re installing wooden shelves, you can shape and paint them to resemble a tree or make floating boxes that have colors inside so they can be accents to your white wall.

Just remember to match the weight of the items you’ll store to the material your vertical shelves are made of. Plastic containers can store kitchen utensils or hardware tools while paper containers can be used to store bills. Swapping them will cause a mess on the floor and on your counters.

Drawers For Your Kitchen


You can have a mix of horizontal and vertical drawers for your kitchen instead of just having cabinets. You might be tempted to just dump your pans and dishes in your cabinets, whereas drawers will help you find your kitchen tools faster since they are easier to organize.

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You can put your food in jars then place them inside vertical drawers. Label each jar accordingly. Also measure the length of your utensils so you can take that into consideration when you have your drawers made. Storing your kitchen items like this can also make them accessible from your dining suite.

Corner Shelves


One underutilized aspect of your small house is a corner that do not have anything installed in them. You can buy corner shelves from the dollar store and install them either in the bottom corner as a storage area or at the upper corner where you can put decorations to brighten up the mood of your house.

If you want to achieve a grudge look, you can use industrial pipes as a makeshift corner shelf. You can also use broken drawers or a tree trunk to save cost on materials. Having a small space doesn’t mean having a dull home. You can redesign it to put elements that will both beautify your space while adding storage solutions.