The Reason Why You Should Add More Color to Your Place

Colorful House

We all know that “black is the best.” Especially if we’re to talk about clothes. Everything goes well with black in our outfits. However, black might not be the best when it comes to the decor of your house.

Actually, studies show that it’s not good for health at all. You may think it’s weird. We believed it was strange and then we asked ourselves if the colors of our homes can really influence our health. We’ve come to the answer that yes, they actually can.

Create a calm, warm atmosphere

If you invite someone over, you always need to be a welcoming host. But the question is how. Perhaps, add some beautiful draperies at your windows with the help of ResCom Designs, that can leave in some light. Or place the furniture in a certain way so that the setting looks clean and welcoming. May be adding some colors that can give a warm and calm atmosphere is not such a bad idea, either. Studies have shown that if your room offers a sense of calmness, the discussion will keep going in a pleasant manner.

To do this, you need to choose the right colors. For example, pink is the one that soothes the atmosphere and even calms persons with emotional distress. Green gives the impression of nature and serenity. These colors bring a comfortable atmosphere and can also help in reducing anxiety and increasing confidence. It somehow makes you get out of your comfort zone.

Boost the confidence

If we’re to talk about confidence, let’s talk about adding a particular color that can light up the room instantly: orange. It’s a bold color, vibrant, even outspoken and brave. If you think about it, you’ll never see a shy person wearing orange. It goes the same for your house. If you want to leave a good impression, people need to feel empowered when they’re walking through your home. So pick this color. Paint the walls in it, or choose blinds. Even an orange rug works for this attitude.

Feel the love

What’s also good for your health, is love. If you’re full of love, why shouldn’t your house be? Use the color red to show people that you’re all love. A study showed that people automatically think of love when seeing red, so put a window treatment or a lamp, even some artwork and show people the feeling of love. Give a new look to your garage cabinets, for example – every room should be full of color in your home.

We understand – some colors are just going to grow old and we’ll feel that our home is somehow outdated. But thinking about our health, bold accents and bright colors don’t seem like much to do in comparison to going to the gym. We’re often afraid of change, but it should not be the case with painting the walls of our rooms.