Review: Bissell Powergroom Multicyclonic Bagless Canister Vacuum


Bissell Powergroom Multicyclonic bagless canister vacuum is regarded as one of the few multi-task vacuum cleaners on the market that possess all the spectacular characteristics of a conventional vacuum cleaner along with latest hi-tech features.

Bissell has once again come up with a durable and sturdy vacuum cleaner that is built with innovative features that no other vacuum possesses. With its telescopic wand, motorized brush roll, and swivel head, it is a complete vacuum cleaner for any household.

​Considered as the best vacuum cleaner under $200, the Powergroom works perfectly well on all types of surfaces.

Whether the user has a wall to wall carpet, vinyl flooring, wooden decks or simple marble, the Powergroom’s multi-tasking abilities makes it very easy for the user to give the house a spotless clean. Plus, the vacuum also has the ability to pull even the sternest of dirt particles such as food crumbs, pet hair, and other debris.

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Whom is This Product Designed for?

  • Very handy for housewives
  • Home occupied with hard floor & carpeted surfaces
  • Homeowners
  • Office and firm

Key Features:

Motorized Brush Roll

The innovative Motorized Brush Roll feature along with large rubber wheels makes hovering very easy ondifferent types of flooring. Depending on the surface the Powergroom is used on, the user can simply turn the brush roll on or off.

If the vacuum is being used on the carpet then the brush roll shall be turned on, it will collect even the tiniest of particles such as pet hair and food crumbs.

Moreover, when the Powergroom is being used on a hardwood floor such as wood or vinyl then the brush can be turned off. Reason being that on plain flat surfaces, the vacuum simply sucks everything in easily without needing to roll and collect. The soft wheels can protect the flat surface from getting any sort of scratches.

Multi Filtration

The Bissell Powergroom is equipped with a state of the art multi-filtration system. The multi-filtration system is made to separate different dirt and store it separately. The feature allows for dirt particles and debris to be collected at one but separated at the filtration system point.

This feature allows for an extended life of the filters installed in the machine. The longer the filters work, the longer and better the performance of the Powergroom would be.

For peak performance of the machine, the filtration separation system is necessary as it does not let extra or added pressure being put on filters.

Bagless Feature

The bagless feature allows for easy cleaning and washing of the dirt tin. With the conventional bag vacuums, when the bag is taken out of the machine, it needs to be covered from the top. This is done to protect the dust or dirt from leaving the bag and polluting the home.

It is also extremely unhealthy for the person emptying it and also unhygienic to be reusing the same bag. The bagless system of the Powergroom allows the dirt to be collected in a tin and subsequently the tin can be emptied just with a push of a button.

It can also be washed with any anti-bacteria soap, this way a new like and clean tin is put back in. No allergens or bacteria can stay inside the tin or the machine.

15x Multi-Cyclonic Technology

The Multi-Cyclonic Technology protects the user and the environment. It traps all the dirt, dust and any other bacteria inside and only allows fresh air to come out of the machine. The technology is responsible for pulling everything inside without allowing for dust and other allergens to leave the machine.

This is highly beneficial for the user as nothing dangerous is released from the vacuum. It is important to know that the filter can be easily washed and reinserted. This way the bacteria filled filter can be properly rinsed, cleaned and would be as good as new when reused.

With conventional filters, every type of dirt is stuck in it and does not allow for proper cleaning.

Telescopic Wand

The far-reaching telescopic wand is extremely useful when it comes to cleaning places where a normal wand cannot reach. The extended wand provides the user the ease of covering the top of the curtains and ceilings. It is also useful in cleaning cornered spots and hard to reach places underneath the furniture.

Places such as behind the stairs, behind the television, behind the fridge and other dark spots in the home that only children or pet can pollute. It can also be helpful for people who are short height as it can give them an extra help in reaching various places.

  • Value for money with a price under $200
  • Have HEPA Filters that filter brilliantly for a longer period of time
  • Extremely light in weight, only 10lbs.
  • Never loses suction power even when the dirt tin is full
  • Retractable cord for easy pulling of the cord
  • Various useful tools such a crevice tool, upholstery and dusting brush
  • The cord is 23 feet long, smaller than the market standard of 25 feet cords
  • Doesn’t have on board storage for tools and accessories.

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Final Verdict

If someone requires a vacuum that is inexpensive but at the same time is powerful and sturdy, then rest assure that the Powergroom is the answer to it. Having more pros than cons, the Powergroom is the best vacuum cleaner under $200 that is packed with all the modern features.

The machine is also very useful on every kind of surface so that is also an added advantage as many people have homes covered with carpet as well as vinyl or wood. Lastly, if the machine is not misused then it can work for years as Bissell is renowned for producing long-lasting vacuums.

We would recommend it to everyone especially people who have large homes. The manual has all the useful tips in it, therefore, we would give a big thumbs up for Powergroom.

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