10 Beyond Genius Car Cleaning Tips and Tricks You Need to Know


All car owners may not be as concerned about their cars as real gear heads do. It is very important to care for your car just as much as you would care for someone you love.

Cars may be just machines but they still form a major part of your life and you need to keep your car running smoothly and looking perfect. Having a well polished and clean car turns heads wherever you go.

There are a lot of ways to keep your car looking in top condition. Doing it like a professional will not only increase the life of the car and its accessories, it will also give you immense satisfaction. Here are 10 tips on how to clean your car professionally.

#1 Right Time, Right Place


Cleaning your car isn’t as easy as it sounds. You need to pick the right place, ensure you have all that you need and only then start cleaning your car. Do NOT wash your car or wax it in the sun. The heat will dry the water/wax quickly and this will form grime spots on your car which are messy to remove.

Dark colored cars are also difficult to handle. They absorb heat quickly and can be very hot to the touch. If you own a dark colored car, let it cool down a bit before washing it.

#2 Inside Out


The first step in cleaning your car is cleaning the insides. Always clean out the insides first before starting on the outside.

  • Remove all rubbish you may find in the several storage spaces in the car
  • Clear out your ashtray
  • Move your seats to check if there is any rubbish underneath them

There may even be something which you might have misplaced.

Next, work on the mats. Rubber mats can be washed by hand with soapy water. This, along with a good scrub can remove most of the dirt on it. Carpet mats can easily be vacuumed but if you want a cleaner finish, try washing them in a washing machine (check with your owner’s manual if your carpets are machine washable first).

#3 Sucking Up The Dirt


Once the mats are all clean, it is time to clean the floor of the car. You can use a best buy car vacuum to suck up all the grime and dirt in the car easily. In case you own a pet, it may be very difficult to remove your pet’s hairs with a vacuum. What you can do is use rubber gloves with double side sticky tape on them to catch any hairs.

After thoroughly vacuuming the car, if you still find dirt and grime in the nook and crannies, here is an innovative solution. Use a hand pump used to blow up balloons to eject the particles of dirt. Finish up with another vacuum.

#4 The Dashboard

Car Detailing and Maintenance

The dashboard and the center console is a really tricky place to clean out. You can shop for special dashboard cleaning equipment to give it the best possible treatment. Use a moist cloth and wipe out the dash and the console and the steering wheel. You can remove most dirt by doing this.

If you aren’t satisfied, opt for dashboard cleaning products. One other thing you can do is use a paintbrush to remove the dirt stuck between the buttons on the center console.

#5 Right Under Your Nose


One of the most missed parts when cleaning a car are the sills and the door openings. You may miss it while but it shows up later when your whole car sparkles. You can use a moist cloth to wipe away the grime in the door openings. If you want to change the grease in the door openings, clean it out with water and replace it with store bought lubricant.

#6 The Main Wash


The first step when you are going to wash the outside of your car is to remove all the dirt by giving it a quick wash with just water. After washing off all the dirt, you can start the process of cleaning. Take care to use a car washing solution.

Do not use a detergent because it will strip away any protective wax layer your car has already. The ideal technique is to start from the top and move towards the bottom after cleaning the sides. This works in two ways. You can keep your soapy water as clean as possible for long enough and you can let the bottom soak in the soap longer.

If you encounter a rather dirty spot that just won’t come off, don’t keep rubbing as this will affect the paint on your car. Spray a little bug remover spray and get it off. Clay bars also work for dirty spots.

#7 The Wax


This is one of the most satisfying parts of cleaning your car as it will make your car shine. Make sure to apply the wax in straight lines and always wait for the car to dry before applying the wax. Make sure there is no dirt on your car before applying the wax.

#8 Cleaning Your Tires


Tires collect the most dirt and it is important to clean them. You can use a stiff brush and water to clean out the rims and wheels before moving to the tires. Don’t forget to move your car forward after you’re done cleaning to check for any spots you may have missed. Also, use tire cleaners to give your tires that new tire shine.

#9 Glass Cleaning


This must be done last as the glass may pick up dirt and grime from the other steps. Use a car window cleaner rather than a household window cleaner as household cleaners contain ammonia. This may damage the upholstery. After you’re done cleaning, roll down the windows and clean the top edges or they will carry a strip of dirt even though the car is spotless.

#10 Dents And Scrapes


While cleaning your car you may have noticed dents and scrapes on your car. Earlier, you had to go to a mechanic to get these repaired. However, you can now get many home solutions for these online. Read the instructions carefully and use those on your car.


It is very easy to clean your car to make it shine like a star. However, proper care must be taken to do it properly. These are the professional tips you can follow to clean your car.

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