Review: Electrolux Ergospace EL4103A Bagged Canister Vacuum


A clean and hygienic home is everyone’s wish. However, no one is willing to invest their time, money or energy into it. Having a top-notch vacuum cleaner can bring back that freshness you always longed for back into your house.

After intense research and looking for the best of the best vacuums, I can now comfortably say that there is surely a light at the end of the tunnel.

We all are looking for that one vacuum cleaner that will do everything for us including sucking up lots of cat hair, navigate furniture slalom, carpet cleaning and just generally serve you right in a single go. To have a spotlessly clean house, you just don’t need any vacuum.

The answer to your vacuum cleaning problems is here today. The Electrolux Canister Vacuum, EL4103A – Corded is what you need in your home. Get to know why this vacuum cleaner is always topping the charts in performance.

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Whom Is This Product Designed for?

The Electrolux Canister Vacuum is one of a kind with a bagged convenience able to work on multiple floor areas with an equal feet. This powerful yet quiet motor can perfectly clean all the bare surfaces in your home. It is designed for:

  • Janitors
  • Chefs
  • Housewives
  • Offices and firms
  • Homeowners
  • Home improvement companies

Key Features

Turbo Nozzle

The brush roll of this convenient attachment is driven by the air flow of the dustbuster. It helps toprovide for a deep cleaning that agitates dirt and other debris from carpets while removing the noise created by similar tools with a motor. Turbo vacuum cleaners are very easy to set up.

You only need to connect the hose to the poles, put the vacuum bag in place, and you are ready to whir away.

Say goodbye to the strain and pressure of spending long hours trying to scrape and brush off stains and dirt from your furniture and carpets, wood or tile floors and enjoy the power of cleaners as it sucks up all dirt with less effort required from you.

Three-in-one combination tools

The 3-in-1 attachment included with the vacuum converts between a dusting brush, a crevice tool, and an upholstery brush. The crevice tool opens on either side to reveal the upholstery brush.

For all other surfaces in your home, the 3-in-1 attachment that comes standard with this Electrolux vacuum is one of the most convenient available.

On one end of this attachment (pictured below) is a dusting brush, whose soft bristles are perfect for cleaning curtains, drapes, lamp shades and other delicate items around the home. On the other end is the crevice tool, which is great for getting the hard to reach spots that the bare floor nozzle and the turbo rug and floor attachment are too large to reach.

Although at first it does not seem as if the upholstery brush is included, simply take a look at the crevice tool and pull it gently on each side to reveal it! The upholstery tool is the best option for cleaning furniture, as well as stair treads with this Electrolux canister vacuum.

Superior Bare Floor Cleaning

The compact size of the Electrolux ErgoSpace EL4103A canister vacuum makes it ideal for cleaning bare floors. The attachment for cleaning the bare floors is full size and even has a setting for cleaning low pile carpets.

Hygienic Cleaning

The S-vacuum bags filter out 90% of the air that passes through it while the Electrolux EL4103A Non-Washable HEPA filter takes care of 99.97% of the air that is exhausted. For the cleanest disposal, these bags also include a closure tab to prevent anything from falling out. All of these factors help to provide a cleaner living environment.

Excellent results

The Electrolux vacuum brings several advantages compared to the traditional cleaners flooding the markets today. It has a thorough filtration system with filter cloth that results to improved air while you are vacuuming.

These vacuum cleaners also guarantee excellent results whatever type of floors you have to clean, with more accessories for various applications.

Additional features

  • It has a full-size turbo nozzle for the carpets which efficiently cleans the low to medium height carpet and even rugged floors easily.
  • Has a cord’s length of 21ft and its hose height being 9ft.
  • The automatic cord rewinds functionality that has a hose wrap-ability. This implies that post cleaning will have no difficulties. You just to collect the cord with a push of a button.
  • Bagged vacuum cleaner
  • Has a three-in-one system consisting of cleaning tools that do different cleaning on different floor types.
  • Smart hose binding system
  • Easy use and maneuver.
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Easily transportable
  • Small and handy
  • Quiet Operation
  •  Greater sucking power
  • Compact storage with a telescopic wand
  • Even though the vacuum cleaner has got the Turbo Spin mode, when cleaning the carpet, one might have to a few rounds in the same place.
  • Quite expensive
  • Not Powered enough
  • Turbo tool does not spin on rugs/carpets

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Final Verdict

Canister vacuums are a rage nowadays due to them being light and their lucrative features they come with. If you are really serious about restoring cleanliness and hygiene back to your house and you need a vacuum cleaner which solves this, well this is it.

A light vacuum cleaner that performs tremendously well is what you will get with this vacuum.

Moreover, this vacuum cleaner has a powerful motor with an amazing suction capability that is much durable. I highly recommend getting one of these today.

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