Review: Hoover C2401 Vac Pro Backpack Vacuum Cleaner


Vacuuming the house is the old-fashioned way which might not always be a fun experience depending on the vacuum cleaner you currently own. It is even worse if you have large rooms to vacuum. let’s face it, moving that heavy 20-pound upright vacuum isn’t exactly pleasant and it could be bad for your joints.

Fortunately, if you take the time in searching for vacuums online, you will discover all sorts of types of vacuum cleaners. Some vacuums are lighter and more compact while others you don’t even have to interact with! However, smaller vacuums come with compromises with the obvious one being that they are just not suitable for demanding jobs.

Traditional Vacuums are big because you have to store lots of dust and other bad stuff before you need to replace the bag. One possible solution to solving the mobility problem without sacrificing the capacity is to consider a backpack vacuum and Hoover happens to have one called the Hoover Commercial Back Pack C2401.

This best vacuum cleaner demonstrates the cool benefits of good backpack vacuums.

Hoover Commercial C2401 Shoulder Vac Pro Backpack Vacuum

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Whom Is This Product Designed for

  • Anybody who experiences frequent periods of discomfort while vacuum cleaning
  • Asthmatic individuals
  • Folks living in quiet neighbors
  • People with back problems or scoliosis
  • Those who are not sure about getting a vacuum with disposable bags or reusable bags

Key Features:

Lightweight Backpack Design

The concept of a vacuum on your back may sound weird but it has plenty of benefits if designed correctly. First off, you will feel one with the vacuum. It isn’t a 3-way dance like a traditional vacuum where you are stuck between the dustbuster unit behind you and the tube with the floor attachment at the end.

Sure there are good vacuums that are easy to pull but you still have to deal with the fact that another thing is moving around with you and that doesn’t bode well if you have lots of items of furniture to go through. The only catch is that you have to make sure you can handle about 10 pounds of load.

That is pretty lightweight though in the vacuum world and you look pretty cool too like Ghostbuster cool!

Support Harness

Looking at the pictures of someone wearing the Hoover C2401 and looking at the specs isn’t enough. It is easy to think that carrying a bulky thing that weighs similarly to a fully loaded school book bag and walking around vacuuming might feel a bit weird. The answer to that is, you really need to try it yourself.

But Hoover did its very best to convince people who just about any household mom or dad can carry this thing. This harness balances it all out and it was designed by a chiropractor so you have that assurance that wearing the C2401 for a reasonable period won’t cause back pain.

Even if it takes some getting used to and it can be a bit daunting to put on, walking around while vacuuming and not dragging something is truly a remarkable experience.

HEPA Cartridge Filter

Short story short, it is very important that your next vacuum cleaner comes with a HEPA filter because simply ridding the floor of dust isn’t enough for a clean room. Any tiny dust mites and other microscopic allergy-causing things might still be roaming about after your vacuuming session.

Only a HEPA filter can effectively trap these particulates. The hypercone filter is completely washable and should you need to replace it, you can replacements for about $20 a pair.

Uninterrupted Vacuuming

The dream in vacuuming is getting the job done in as few sessions as possible. With certain rooms, it might just take one long uninterrupted session and that’s it! Hoover wanted to make sure there are no interruptions by making the cord super long.

The 50-foot cord should give you lots of freedom without the need for an extension cord and it is detachable in case you want to replace this with something shorter. On top of that, the hose will stay locked in place.

Fully Accessorize

An all-purpose vacuum cleaner isn’t complete without a solid accessory set and the C2401 indeed comes with a nice variety of attachments including a 6-inch crevice tool, an 11-inch turbo floor tool, a 4-inch upholstery tool, and a 2-inch dusting brush.

A pair of 38-inch metal wands is bundled with the package as well. After you collected about 6 quarts of debris and dust, you can take out the cloth liner and shake off the stuff elsewhere. It might not be the best experience for people who are used to bagless vacuums but you also have the option of using a disposable bag if you are okay with spending a bit of extra every now and then.

  • Backpack design eliminates the frustrations of dragging a vacuum on wheels
  • Chiropractor-designed harness contributes to the better posture while vacuuming
  • Washable HEPA filter makes the vacuum a suitable choice for getting rid of allergens and dust mites
  • Fairly quiet operation
  • Very lengthy cord
  • Plenty of accessories included
  • Disposable bags can optionally be used
  • Reasonably priced
  • Requires some extra minutes to set up properly
  • A bulky design might mean accidentally knocking over some things while using
  • Possible to scatter and inhale dust while shaking off cloth bag
  • No storage compartment for the long cord

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Final Verdict

Backpack vacuum cleaners, in general, are supposed to come with compromises so they really cater to the audience who simply don’t like dragging a vacuum from room to room or floor to floor. Hoover’s rendition basically solves the back pain concerns and doesn’t sacrifice on accessories, suction power, and versatility.

The comfort is ultimately going to be the deal breaker so it is highly recommended to give it a try first or at least watch videos of other people using it.

Looking at generic backpack vacuum cleaners isn’t enough because the harness on the Hoover C2401 is designed well and might mean jumping on the backpack vacuum and never going back.

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