15 Things People With Spotless Houses Do Every Day


Keeping your house spotless can be a habit, not an ambition for a certain limit of time and if it is, you cannot possibly get the desired result because when you have the instinct of keeping everything clean in your very roots, only then you can maintain a schedule to do things regularly. It needs a strong plan following to keep your house looking lush and fragrances every time.

People with young kids possibly will find it super tough to fulfill their desire because you can only take three steps to keep your house clean all the time and literary speaking, all three of those plans are not doable for being a loving parent. Guess what these three tricks are:

  • Send your cuties to some boarding school and save your house of getting scattered.
  • Send your kids to some extra classes after school to make sure that they are tired enough to throw things here and there when they are back home late in evening. They will hardly have their meal, spend an hour possibly in front of television and go to their beds.
  • Be strict enough to limit them to their room only and don’t allow them to come and play in drawing room or living lounge, is that possible for you?

Well, if you can take any of the above given steps, you can possibly keep your house neat, but definitely you will feel yourself dragged out from the list of loving and caring parents. You cannot be that harsh to the lovelies of your family, they are energetic and demanding enough to keep you at your toes for a good eighteen out of 24 hours a day.

Apart from that, you can adopt some good habits that will actually effect the cleanness of your house. We have asked some questions from people with neat and clean houses and prepare a list of some simple to-dos for you. Hopefully you will achieve your goal of spotless house if you can adopt them as your daily routine.

#1 Take Your Shoes Off


Let us get started from the very entrance of your home. Keeping one thing in your mind that most of the dirt and germs come from outside. Make it a habit to take off your shoes before stepping in the lounge. It will let you save your carpet or floor from getting muddy.

Still there is a possibility that some of your guest might not follow your rule. To make sure that they do the same, place a shoe rack and some extra pair of shoes beside the entrance to indicate them to take of their shoes.

#2 A Quick Dusting Routine


Surveys show that when someone tries to do some cleaning which takes hours to complete, they usually start avoid it. Tell yourself that you have to do a quick dusting daily for 10 minutes only. You can clean the dust out of your main furniture, cabinets and windows in 10 minutes. Doing so will give your home an instant neat look to your home.

#3 Clean Up The ‘Pile Of Neat Clothes


You know what we are talking about; yeah you do. Do observe that everyone of us have a pile sort of thing in any corner of our dressing room, a spare chair or side table, a corner of your closet or might be at the back side hooks of your door.

These are the clothes which we once picked up to wear and then take them off and wore something else and instead of folding and putting it on the right place, hooked or placed it somewhere at that pile. Make sure to fold and put them to the closet, the mess of your room will be gone at once.

#4 Make The Bed Every Time You Get Off


Straightening your bed sheet can give a quick neat look to your bedroom. Your bedroom is a main part of your home and you can feel totally uncomfortable if you don’t find it neat while returning home from somewhere. Make it a habit and you will add a new trick to your cleaning schedule.

#5 Wipe Out The Kitchen Counters


Kitchen should always remain neat; you can write down a completely separate list of small things that you should do in a kitchen to keep it neat. We will be writing a few to keep your kitchen spotless. Your kitchen counters are the main surfaces which anyone can observe right upon entering your kitchen door. Keep a sponge or a piece of clean cloth handy to wipe away all the counters after cooking. You can use a mixture of vinegar and water to clean oily surfaces.

#6 Dishwasher Should Be Emptied In The Morning


Empty the dishwasher every day in the morning before starting up your kitchen routine. If your dishwasher will be packed, you will possibly pile up the used dishes at your sink and your kitchen will look all busy and dirty all the time. Make a space for things to be placed right. A little effort goes a long way and you will save a lot of time at the end of the day.

#7 Dirty Clothes Must Be Dropped In Laundry


Never leave dirty clothes in washroom hangers, bedroom floor or chairs. It takes only a minute to put them to the laundry basket. Your rooms should be empty of dirty clothes and kids must be trained to do the same. Kids always follow what they observe. If you will not compromise on good habits, your kids will learn them too naturally.

#8 Do The Laundry Every Day


If you have a big laundry basket at your place, it doesn’t mean that you will clean it up when it is full. Make a schedule of washing your clothes daily no matter how many of you are changing clothes daily. It will save you from a tiring day of laundry and keep your closet ready with lots of neat clothes every time you dress up.

#9 Hang The Shirts, Don’t Fold Them


It is not important that you will use hangers only when you will iron your clothes. Hanging gent’s shirts will save a lot of place in closet and it will give a tidy look to your dresser. Try to give half an hour daily to ironing task so that you can have some shirts ready to wear when you need them.

#10 Open Doors For Ventilation


Have you ever felt the odor from last night’s dinner when you enter some of your neighbors’ home? Don’t be surprised to know that your own home might be having the same sort of odor. You will not feel it at your home because your smelling sense is used to of that odor.

To keep that away, open a door or two to make sure your home is properly ventilated and air is passing through every corner of your home. Opening your bedroom windows in morning is a good practice to keep odor and dampness away.

#11 Keep The Door Of Messy Room Closed


Experts say that it might not be possible to keep whole house neat every time especially if you have kids in your family. You should train them to make a play place only in their room. Try to keep that room’s door close when it is not used and keep the main floor (drawing room, lounge, living room) neat. It will give a neat impression to your guests.

#12 Use Baskets To Pileup Things


If you have lots of toys and clothes at your place, keep lots of baskets, at least one in each room. When you have to clean up things using canister, just pick all of the toys scattered at floor and put them in a basket. It will not take more then 5-7 minutes to clean up your home using this trick.

#13 5 Minutes Cleaning Before Going To Bed


Give only five minutes to cleaning before you go to sleep. It can be piling up dishes, folding extra clothes or putting away toys. Those five minutes will make sure for you to have a neat look of your home when you get up next morning.

#14 Never Leave Your Kitchen Dirty At Night


It is the most horrible thing to do. Never leave your kitchen dirty when you go to sleep. It will leave a bad odor in your home and the sight of dirty kitchen will disturb you badly at morning. Getting disturbed at the very start of your day affect your whole day’s mood and routine.

#15 Plan A Bit Of Cleaning Daily


Make it a routine to clear any corner, drawer, closet, cabinet, shelf or rack every day. That little time of cleaning up things at daily basis will leave your home neat and organized without a big effort.

Final Verdict

We don’t say that it is very easy to develop all these habits at once, but do not leave doing effort. Try to do a little something daily and keep it in your mind that your home is your empire, you have to organize it yourself. when someone comes to meet you, it’s not only your elegant dress or nice shoes that will let them admire you, your neat and tidy house will make them even more impressed and comfortable to spend some hours at your place.

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