Tips to Make Your Home Environment Clean, Comfortable and Healthy

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For everyone, home is the finest place to live in! The shelter is the basic necessity of every individual. We always long for a clean and healthy environment around our home. It’s every individual’s responsibility to keep the home environment neat and clean.

Unfortunately, many of us although, want our home clean, but lack the urge and ideas how to make our home environment clean and healthy to live in. We always look for our mother or maid to clean our home. This is a bad practice because of this not only overload mother with unnecessary work, but also this ignorance can make a negative impact on your personality. Keep in mind, positive personality dwells in clean environment ONLY!

However, you can make your home environment clean and healthy by following some easy tips. Make sure that these tips must be a part and parcel of your daily life.

You can easily make your bed once wakes up. Just fold your bed covers/blankets properly and tide your bed sheet. This can be done within 2-3 minutes.

Clean your sink always

Always try to clean your dishes as soon as you use them for breakfast/lunch or dinner. Never keep dirty dishes in your sink. There is the possibility of breeding of cockroaches in sink areas if not cleaned properly and regularly. Make the habit of cleaning sink every time you will use it.

Wipe all appliances

Daily wipe all the home appliances like T.V., refrigerator, Kitchen tools, sink, gas-stove, tea-pot, fans, antiques, frames, walls, ceiling etc. before you leave your home. It is advisable to use a canister vacuum cleaner for proper cleaning as it will reach on the places and evacuates dirt where your hands cannot reach. It will also help you to clean the curtains of your doors and windows.

Keep your Toilets and bathrooms clean

Flush your toilets and always swish it with a toilet brush. Clean your bathrooms every time you will be using it.

Keep your medicine kit clean

Always wipe medicine bottles and keep them in a proper place. Beware to put it out of reach of children.

Keep your pet clean

If there is any pet in your household; always treat it as your family member. Keep your pet clean by washing and drying it. Keep alert about its health and habits too!

Keep your shoe-rack out of the entry door

There is more possibility of entering the dirt from the outside. Always be alert that dirt shouldn’t be entered by your shoes, sandals, etc. They are the common vehicles by which outside dirt can be easily moved to your home. It’s highly advisable to keep your shoe-rack outside the entry door; if possible. Wipe your shoe rack daily without fail!

Cleaning of your floor

Cleaning of your floor is the basic activity of home. Always try to clean as much as you can clean your floor with the use of vacuum cleaner because it will not only save your precious time, but it will also clean your floor effectively.

Keep dust-beans in each room

Always place dust-beans in each room if possible. Always keep practicing to through your unwanted things to throw inside the dust-beans. Teach your kids to replicate you too!

Hang/keep your clothes in proper places

We are usually lazy in hanging our clothes in destined places. This is a very bad practice. Take care that everything should be placed in its proper place.

Clean clothes

What do you do after washing and cleaning of your clothes? Find one place and tide your clothes to dry. Take care that clothes must be enough drained before placing them to dry as there would be the possibility of water logging in that area if not drained properly. Keep your books properly under the shelf and cover them if not in use.

Clean the landscape and courtyard

The positive impression of your home can be achieved by only keeping the proper care of your landscape and courtyard. Wipe and rub the porch of your courtyard. Keep your garden and landscape clean by proper cutting of shrubs and trees. Clean the places with a broom or upright vacuum cleaner. Regularly remove weeds and implement pest-control activities regularly in the home and around.

Reduce moisture level

Always prefer a dry home. Always be aware to not only clean AC’s, coolers, wash basin and sinks; but also fix the problem associated with the leaks of taps of the spout. It will resist the growth of mosquitoes and ants in your home.

Sell/remove unwanted things regular basis

Always remove all unwanted materials from your home as they will merely increase your work of cleaning the home environment.

All the above tips are very useful in making your home environment neat and clean. Try to be as much disciplined in your approach as you can. Teach your children the importance of keeping the home clean. No doubt, they will follow you, indeed!