4 House Cleaning Tips For a Perfect Move-In


Although some people ignore this process, cleaning your new home before you move in has several advantages. Cleaning will help you to get rid of all dust, stains, and allergens that may be stuck at corners of your new home. Follow these tips to effectively clean your home before moving in:

There is usually a lot of dust on the ceilings, fans, shelves, overhead lighting fixtures, and other things that are close to the ceiling. Since, you are yet to move in with your stuff, use the opportunity to clear all the dust. Since the rooms are empty, there is no chance of you spreading dust onto your stuff.

There may be cobwebs, make sure you clear all of them. Use a wet rag to also clean the ceiling fan blades to leave them sparkling clean. Using a wet rag will reduce the amount of dust that will sprinkle on the floor or on other things in the room. If there are chandeliers, clean them as well. Additionally, get in touch with any move out cleaning dc, if there are lots of things to clean.

Clean the electrical appliances


You can start with the kitchen. If you are moving to a fully furnished home, then you need to clean the refrigerator. Even if the previous homeowners cleaned it, you need to deep clean before you start keeping your foodstuff in there. Since there are no food items in there, it will be fast but take advantage and do a deep clean. 

Take out the shelves and drawers and wash them before replacing them. Use a mixture of vinegar and water to clean the interior. Allow the soak and sit for some time at areas where there are stains. The solution will clear it. Check the microwave as well. Move to the laundry room and clean your washing machine.

Clean the rest of the space

You need to clean door knobs and handles too. Also, take care of windows and bathroom walls. Clean light switches as well. For windows, do not wash them when it is sunny. You may not see all the dirt in the sun.

Move to the floors


When cleaning the floor, you should consider the type of floor you are cleaning first. If it is made of wood, linoleum, or tile, you need to vacuum first to get rid of all the dust on the ground. Some people use the vacuum cleaner to clean the corners and then they sweep. When you are done clearing the dust off the floor, you can next mop it to complete the cleaning process.

If you need to clean carpets, you still need to vacuum first. The next thing is to use a steam cleaner. Steam cleaners will help you to get rid of animal furs and any other thing that may be on the carpet. This step is really important if your family is allergic to certain things such as animal fur.

These steps will aid in making your new home ready for you. If you think all of this is too much work, you can engage the services of a professional cleaning service.

Today’s post was from Anita Edwards – professional writer and editor. She works as blog editor at Spekless, where she shares her own and her colleagues’ tips for cleaning. In her free time, she enjoys cooking and going on day trips with her children.