Review: Panasonic MC-CL945 Bagless Canister Vacuum Cleaner


What could be better than a vacuum cleaner that thoroughly and hygienically cleans your entire house to give you a home that’s free of allergens, pet hair, and dust?

Nothing can possibly beat such a cleaner… And this is exactly what Panasonic MC-CL945 Plush Pro Bagless Canister Vacuum Cleaner offers you. The lightweight and compact machine ranks as the best Panasonic bagless canister vacuum cleaner.

It comes with the cutting-edge vacuum cleaning technology that offers you a heavy-duty cleaning for your house. It also presents you with a wide range of useful accessories that helps you clean even the hard to reach areas in your house.

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Below, I’ll talk you through everything you need to know about this stylish vacuum cleaner before you can start using it.

Whom Is This Product Designed for?

  • Ideal for pet owner
  • For house owner to clean their home floors and carpets
  • Chefs to clean their kitchen

Key Features

Works On ALL Types of Floors

This is probably the primary reason why every homeowner wants a share of this vacuum. The device’s power nozzle leaves all the hard floors as well as carpets ultra-clean. You just need a simple flick of the switch to engage the soft bristle agitation to deeply clean your carpets/rugs or softly buff your hard floors for a glittering finish.

The power nozzle features the Air Infusion Technology that conducts a deep cleaning of your carpet. As air flows through the nozzle, a powerful air stream is conveyed through the carpet and brush bar to loosen and remove any dirt, debris, and dust more efficiently.

As for the laminates, hardwoods, and other types of floor, use the convenient pedal to quickly lower the nozzle height for maximum cleaning power.

Art Cleaning Technology

That’s Jet Force Technology! The powerful motor (11-amp) employs the in fashion Jet Force Technology to efficiently suck in dust and any other debris on your floor or carpet. And that’s not all – it then separates them from the incoming airflow at an incredibly fast rate!

All the material you pick with the vacuum will be forced into the dust cup without interrupting with the airflow. There are no chances of suction loss with this machine and you’ll enjoy the same cleaning force on every inch of your floor.

HEPA Filtration System

This vacuum cleaner is also incorporated with HEPA filtration system that effectively traps all the harmfulmicro-particles lurking in your home. Use of this filtration system is a thumb up for Panasonic, given that most manufacturers out there employ filters that are poor at catching (and containing) the allergens, irritants, and pollutants.

Thankfully, the HEPA filter bags successfully traps and contains all these elements ensuring they’re not flown back into the air you’re breathing. This means that you and your entire family and home will be hygienically clean at all times.

User-Friendly Design

Panasonic invested heavily in making this cleaner as much as convenient as possible for you to use. Being a bagless vacuum, it saves you the hassle of changing the bags regularly (plus the expense of buying new ones).

The vacuum cleaner comes with a push button system that lets you easily remove the dust cup easily and cleanly. The dish is 1000% washable – just some little soapy water is sufficient to make it look as clean as new.

The vacuum also comes with an ergonomic handle design that enables you to store tools within reach. This makes switching to the above-floor cleaning as easy as pie!

Additional features

  • Ultra lightweight, compact design which makes the vacuum easy to maneuver. The device weighs 24 pounds only and measures 24.5” x 16” x 17”. This makes it extremely easy to move it around, lift it upstairs – move it wherever you want to clean.
  • With the quick-draw tools packed together with this product, you’ll be able to clean even the trickiest, hard to reach areas in your house. These tools include the crevice tool that easily accesses the narrow spaces and the soft dusting brush that gently cleans curtains, blinds, and lampshades.
  • The automatic reel enables you to retract the power cord with a single touch for safe, quick, and easy storage.
  • Extended reach is made possible by the telescopic wand, making it easy to clean even the ceiling of your house with struggling.
  • The large rear wheels and the short wheelbase ensure tighter runs and easier movement around your furniture.
  • As it’s a bagless model, you won’t have to undergo the expense and hassle of vacuum bags. You’ll only need to empty the dust cup, clean it, and reinstall it.
  • Quiet operation
  • Works on all flooring
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Adjustable nozzle height
  • Removes the clingy pet hair
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • The bagless aspect saves you cash
  • Powerful Jet Force cleaning technology
  • Edge cleaner reaches even the trick areas
  • HEPA filters for a hygienically clean home
  • A bit pricey (but worth it)
  • Smells plastic when running (this goes away after several months of use)
  • Small dust cup capacity means constant emptying when cleaning a large area

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Final Verdict

Clearly, Panasonic MC-CL945 vacuum cleaner is a leading-edge model for everyone who wants to make their homes clean at all times. The machine not only makes your home clean, but it also makes every part of it hygienically clean.

And this means a healthier environment for your family. The well-thought design offers you a convenient, easy to use, hygienic, and powerful system – all tucked in a compact and lightweight framework.

Place your order today and join the other users who are already enjoying the mind-blowing cleaning results and the limitless benefits of this trendsetting machine.

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