3 Tips for Running a Pool Cleaning Service

Pool Decoration

Not every homeowner is going to have a pool, but those who do tend to take really good care of them. A pool must be filled with water that has been properly treated and filtered if it is going to be safe for use. Sure, you can skim off the leaves and dead insects every so often to keep your pool visibly clean, but the actual water itself also has to be periodically pumped out and replaced.

This is where professional pool cleaning companies offer services that are second to none. A massive commercial tank truck with the necessary hoses and suction power can get a pool cleaned out in no time at all. These three tips will help commercial pool cleaners put together a service that offers the perfect vacuum attachments for every job.

Most times you won’t be cleaning out multiple Olympic sized pools on a daily basis, particularly if you are servicing residential pools. However, even small sized, above ground pools can hold hundreds of gallons of water. Larger sized residential pools can contain thousands of gallons of water. 

Visit TruckXpress so that you can review the different truck sizes available for pool cleaning and vacuuming. Trucks with larger tanks generally offer high suction power, so you can completely clean and sanitize pools quicker. Overall, bigger tank trucks are best when you are going to be servicing pools at a high volume.

Make Adjustments as Necessary

With pools that have been neglected or fallen into a state of disrepair, pool cleaning services are needed to do both draining and cleaning. Algae can grow on the sides of a pool, contaminating the water and generally making the pool look icky. While you might want to be able to vacuum up the water as quickly as possible, each job is going to require tailoring.

A pool with a big crack might necessitate you changing the vacuum settings to see how bad the damage is. Another pool that simply has some murky water in the bottom of it may get cleaned out within minutes with a vacuum on a low setting.

Compare Notes with Peers

Okay, so you probably won’t trade customer lists with competitors in the pool cleaning industry. On the other hand, it can be helpful all around if you are to compare notes. The other local pool companies you are competing with for business are just as much an ally as they are an adversary. To help level the playing field, consider sharing information on what tools each service provider uses. Discussing what kind of vacuums and accessories you use can help both companies to perform better.

Pool cleaning services can be busy all year round or operate seasonally. You can run a one-person company, put the whole family to work, or hire a veritable army of pool cleaners to keep your business running. The only factor that should not be variable is the quality of the equipment used to get the job done.