13 Weird (but brilliant!) Ways to Make your Home Smell Good

Brilliant Ways to make your house smell goodA pleasant smell at home, like a pleasant aura, slowly and imperceptibly raises the mood, causes affection for ourselves, creates coziness and prompts the whole family to strive home as soon as possible. And vice versa, silent, raw, hard air in the apartment reduces the tone and the impression of your household at several times. We will provide you with all the necessary information on how to reach a pleasant smell at home.

In fact, everything is simple. A pleasant smell in a house depends not as much on the frequency of cleaning, as on the fact that it does not rub. The bucket with garbage was not delivered in a right time.

The dishes stored in the sink clogged up in the refrigerator package; the cat wasted, somebody forgot wet shoes in the hallway. In some cases custom truck parts – that’s why there is a reason for fighting with the creepy “scents” appearance. As well as looking for answers to questions about how to make a pleasant smell in house.

Sometimes it is just enough to remove a stinky source, and the home atmosphere will again smell with comfort. But there are cases when unpleasant smells are hidden so that it is not easy to detect them. However, if you want to achieve a pleasant smell at home, you need to follow the next tips you see below.

#1 The fragrance Of Freshness


Before you start vacuuming, moisten with a few drops of lavender a piece of cotton wool and drag it with a vacuum cleaner. The vacuum cleaner will leave the gentle “Provencal” fragrance everywhere. Then the aroma can be replaced by your favorite, for example, orange oil that adds a fresh smell of citrus fruits, the conifer oil will create an atmosphere of coolness of the shady pine forest.

#2 Clean Fridge

Fridge Cleaning

Combine 1 drop of essential oil of lavender with 1 drop of lemon oil. A porous stone made from burnt clay or plain gauze (in this case, the essential oils evaporate faster) and place them on the refrigerator door. Periodically refresh the essential oils.

#3 Fresh Garbage Can

Garbage Can

Wash and dry the garbage basket, drip 1 drop of lavender oil and 1 drop of tea tree on an aroma, a piece of gauze or cotton swab and place it on the bottom.

#4 How To “Refresh” The Microwave

Microwave Cleaning

Put 3 drops of essential oil of lemon or pepper into a container with water; set it for 3 minutes.

#5 Good Smells From The Toilet

Toilet Cleaning

Use a small shelf where you can put 2-3 aroma chips in the size of a small cookie. Drop on them oils of lavender, ylang-ylang or pine. Update them weekly; this will fill the toilet with a gentle smell and heal the atmosphere.

#6 Pleasant Linen


There are 2 ways: you add a duvet glove to the clothes dryer, which you drip with 7 drops of lavender, mint, rose or eucalyptus (or any other oil, your favorite), or add 3 drops of the same oils to the water for addition to the iron. Essential oils are non-greasy, and they will not pollute your linen.

#7 Any Surface

Surface Cleaning

Add 30 drops of lavender, tea tree and/or lemon oil (30 drops) in 1 liter of vinegar. This simple and economic composition perfectly cleans and disinfects any surfaces. Wipe the ashtrays with the same composition.

#8 Removal of scum and unpleasant odors

Remove Unpleasant odor

Use the above composition (for cleaning and disinfecting any surfaces): synthetic vinegar is the best way to remove scum. It is more effective being heated, so you can safely pour the liquid into a kettle with boiling water. Leave “tense” from several minutes to an hour.

Your kettle will be in perfect condition and without a single microbe thanks to essential oils. Pour a few drops of this mixture into a kitchen sink tube and bathtub. Then let a jet of hot water out of the tap for a few minutes, and you will get rid of the unpleasant smell.

#9 Deodorant for the room


Pour a few drops of your favorite butter oil (peppermint, orange, cedar, sandalwood) into a water sprayer. Shake well and spray the room. The same effect is given by the addition of cheap perfumes with aromas of vanilla, cinnamon, chocolate and other delicacies. Repeat 2-3 times a week. It will also help to get rid of the smell of cigarette smoke or burnt food (combine with previous airing).

#10 Get rid of insects as well

Instead of using toxic insecticides, harmful to both humans and domestic animals, which, in addition, smell bad, it is better to spray in the air essential oils – lavender, cedar or eucalyptus. No sprayer? Then add a few drops in a container with hot water or even a piece of cotton wool and spread it over the room.

#11 Let’s wash the dishes

Bad smell in an apartment can appear because of an untimely-washed dish that piled up in a sink, creating a whole pyramid. Try to wash dishes after eating and do not leave dirty dishes for the night in any case. Sometimes a smoky smell can also come from a dishwasher.

To avoid this, it is not recommended to leave clean or dirty dishes in it. If the smell has already appeared, rinsing water with the addition of lemon juice will help. Closed thermos, which has not been used for a long time, can also provide an unpleasant “amber.” To eliminate the smoky smell of the thermos, rinse it with warm water and dry well. After these manipulations, you should put inside a cube of refined sugar, which you must, at first, sprinkle with a little lemon juice.

#12 Clean the pipes

Periodically, while cleaning the sink in the kitchen in the hole of the pipe, you should pour baking soda about 2 tablespoons, large salt (stone) 2 tablespoons and pour it all with vinegar 4 (tablespoons). Leave it for 20 minutes, and then rinse with hot water. An unpleasant odor from the pipes in the kitchen will disappear.

Another way to clean the shower and remove the unpleasant smell from the shell lie down in a next way: you need to fill half a glass of soda ash into a shower (hole in the sink) and leave overnight. In the morning you should shed a shower with very hot water. The procedure is useful for prevention once a month.

#13 Furniture and rugs

Fabric upholstery of furniture, carpets, curtains, and pillows absorb the tobacco smell and other odors of the apartment very quickly. Curtains, cases for furniture and pillows can be easily washed manually or in a washing machine. But the carpet cleaning is a bit more difficult.

The best way is to sprinkle on the carpet the grinding salt, then “walk” on it with a brush, then carefully sprinkle the carpet. Periodically, pillows and blankets are needed to be ventilated in the fresh air.

Nontraditional ways of keeping good smells

Unpleasant fragrances can spoil the quality of life of any person; they can even come from every day and familiar subjects. In order to effectively fight them, the source of bad amber should be determined. If you’re not a supporter of chemical machines, we recommend you to take a look at the next folk remedies.

The most widespread are mechanical methods that include ventilation. Sometimes it is easy to open the windows to let the fresh air come into the room. This is especially common in frosty days. Sometimes it’s enough to leave all the windows in rooms open for a long time to get disappear from the apartment unnecessary odors. If simple ventilation is not effective, try another way to remove stable ambergris.

What are the well-known folkways to clean bad scents? There are activated charcoal, herbs, salt, coffee, candles, butter, manganese, soda and simple regular cleaning. For example, a mixture of vodka with water will help to remove unnecessary odors from clothing. To prepare it, 1 part of the vodka is mixed with 5 parts of the liquid. Put a thing outside after spraying.

To ensure that your home is always filled with freshness, you should carry out regular cleaning of the territory. To do this, you need to ventilate the rooms in any accessible way, to carry out the contents of the bin every day, to wash floors more often, to wipe other working surfaces, including portable car dvd player, to use modern preparations, to check the refrigerator for the deterioration of products. Only after that, you’ll keep your house clean.